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TEMPLE OF FLOWERS is one of the leading companies in India for

  • Dry Ornamental Foliage

  • Dried Flowers.

  • Pot Pourre with essential oils.

  • Artificial Plants.

  • Designer Floral Arrangements

  • Planters in Ceramic, Terracotta, Cane, Brass and Metal.

Temple Of Flowers was established in 1989 and in a little over a decade has achieved a status of being a quality supplier. It is our endeavor to ensure that, the Temple Of Flowers range of products aesthetically blend into your beautifully created interiors.

Our  focus on high quality has earned Temple Of Flowers a number of awards in India. Temple Of Flowers is a recipient of Maharashtra State Government (INDIA) award for best floral handicraft arrangements for 3 years in succession.

Temple Of Flowers has its headquarters in Mumbai - India where we have our display showroom as well as packaging and distribution facilities. Our quality control procedures ensure that all our items meet the highest standard in quality, packaging and appearance. All flowers and dry foliage are carefully selected and graded before shipment.

Our emphasis on quality has ensured that Temple Of Flowers is an essential name with leading Interior designers and architects in India.

Welcome To Temple Of  Flowers.